Like new Evolve boards backed by up to a 12-month warranty & an optional extension. Afterpay, Zip, Laybuy available. Shop second-hand electric skateboards from Evolve!



Evolve standards mean a thorough mechanical and electrical inspection performed by our trained technicians to ensure that every board is in excellent working order.


Evolve approved means the pre-owned Evolve you are buying has been returned as close to its original condition as possible. We only ever fit Evolve Genuine Parts and each board is meticulously prepared by our expert trained technicians. You are buying 100% Evolve.


Up to a 12-month warranty with an option to extend gives you a level of reassurance that compares with buying a new board from us.


Ride now and pay later with one of our flexible payment plans from Afterpay, Zip or Laybuy.


The number of people riding the endless wave of an electric skateboard is growing every day, and why wouldn't it? It's awesome! At Evolve, we believe that electric skateboarding should be for everyone. So we've brought together a variety of affordable electric skateboards from our brand to help get you on your perfect carving machine. You'll find all the best budget electric skateboards here at Evolve and a wide variety of accessory options to boot. If you're looking for more info on how our refurbished boards came to be and what you can expect from your purchase, read on.

How Are The Boards Tested?

In order to ensure the quality of our boards all meet the same standard as our brand new ones, every board is put through a rigorous testing process. This begins with our team of technicians going over the board with a fine-tooth comb, looking for any signs of wear and tear. Once the board has been approved by our experts, it's handed over to our in-house test riders.

Our team of test riders are some of the most experienced electric skateboarders around. They put the boards through their paces, testing them out to really get a feel for how they ride. After the boards have been given the all-clear by our test riders, they're then ready to be put up for sale as one of our refurbished electric skateboards.

What Parts Of The Board Are Refurbished?

The majority of the boards we sell as part of our refurbished range are ones that have been sent back to us by customers. In some cases, the customer may have changed their mind about the purchase, while in others they might have had a slight change of heart after riding it for a while and realized it wasn't quite what they were looking for. But also in many cases, they're simply loyal Evolve customers who have used their board for a while and are now looking to upgrade to the next level of Evolve electric skateboards. At a time when there's so much focus on sustainability, it would be a shame to see these pre-loved boards go to waste!

In any case, all of the parts of the board are checked over by our team of experts before being put up for sale. This includes the battery, motors, deck, trucks, and wheels. We also check to make sure that all of the components are still working properly and that there are no signs of wear and tear.

What Warranty Options Are Available?

Each of our boards come along with a 30-day warranty included. We know that having some certainty in your purchase goes a long way when it comes to buying a pre-owned board and as such this warranty can even be extended beyond the 30-day period to provide that ongoing level of confidence.

Are Upgrades Included On Refurbished Electric Boards?

In some cases, your refurbished electric skateboard will come with some level of accessorisation on the board. This is down to the previous owner however and may or may not be the case for all refurbished boards. Cosmetic upgrades such as custom grip tape or coloured wheel hubs are on some of our refurbished boards, and if you'd prefer to have these kept or removed, you can make a request for this in the comments section at checkout and we will do our best to oblige. However, we cannot guarantee that your board will have the specifications requested.

So jump in today to get yourself a cheap electric skateboard from Evolve's pre-owned section!

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