Carbon Series

The Evolve Carbon Series has been made for the extremist/enthusiast electric longboarder.  Bomb the biggest hill you can find with 350 watts of instant-on torque, then regenerate that power back into a nearly invisible lithium battery, as you surgically carve your way back down. The Carbon series simply tears up the pavement.

On the Street setup new Loaded Kegel wheels mated to Super-Carve trucks means you’re super-glued to the road! Turn on a dime? You bet!  Break loose and hang the tail out? Guaranteed! Call it the perfect weapon, pull the trigger and ride!

A rocket-ship for the street, the Carbon Street is an epic beast that turns every day and any road into the longest, supremely kick-ass wave that only an endless summer could match.

With the Carbon AT setup, the road less traveled is your new destination! Extend your carve-session to paths, trails, and roads unknown. Uncertain road conditions — that’s where the A/T lives.

Easily swap out your MBS Road Slicks for T3 Tyres, then rip into dirt, grass or unruly pavement. No limits! The lightest of it’s kind in the world at just 10kg/23lbs, the A/T is truly unrivaled. 

Nearly silent, the 350-watt brushless electric motor offers incredible torque and assists with smooth, controllable (ABS) braking. Quick charge in two hours or less and get back on the trail.  The Carbon Series screams: Take the long way home!

The Evolve Carbon Series won an internationally recognised Good Design award for Product Design in the Sports and Lifestyle category for 2015.




See it in action:

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