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Diablo Bamboo All Terrain
Diablo Bamboo All Terrain

Diablo Bamboo All Terrain

  • Conquer Any Terrain
  • Bamboo-Fiberglass Flex Deck
  • Unmatched Performance
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Unleash the Diablo Electric Skateboard: where speed meets the traditional longboard style for the ultimate riding experience. Zoom effortlessly at speeds reaching 50km/h, propelled by dual 6374 3500W brushless motors generating an impressive 7000W of power. With a range of up to 50km per charge, enjoy the freedom to explore without worrying about running out of juice.

Designed for thrill-seekers and commuters alike, the Diablo features Evolve’s latest Super Carve 2 Trucks for enhanced stability and precision carving. Paired with the new eFOC 2.0 Motor Controller, boasting custom 50V power and 200A dual-motor drivers with Bluetooth connectivity, the Diablo ensures unparalleled control and responsiveness. Engineered with a Samsung 50S cell battery, it offers 20% longer ride times and a robust 180A max discharge, amplifying the board's already formidable power. Crafted with Evolve’s signature bamboo-fiberglass Flexi Deck, the Diablo Bamboo All Terrain maximises performance while keeping the ride smooth and comfortable, while tackling any terrain, from gravel to compact sand.



DECK MATERIALS:3-Ply Bamboo, 2-Ply Fibreglass
DECK LENGTH:101cm (39.7")
WHEEL BASE:97-99.3cm (38-39")
TRUCKS:Evolve Supercarve 2 - Forged/CNC  - Silver Finish
WHEELS:All Terrain: Evolve 175mm/7 inch pneumatic tyres.
MOTOR:Dual 6374 3500w rated  (7000w Total) custom brushless sensored motors
MOTOR CONTROLLER / ESC:EFOC 2 - Evolve Custom 50V, 200A Dual-Motor Driver, FOC motor commutation, Bluetooth Connection.
BEARINGS:Evolve Precision  Bearings
BATTERY:43.2v - 864WH - 20AH - Samsung 50S
REMOTE:Evolve Phaze remote with CNC aluminium-reinforced body
WEIGHT:15.3kg (33lb)
RANGE:All Terrain - Up to 50km (31 miles)
TOP SPEED:50km/h (31 mph)
MAX LOAD:120 kg (265 lbs)
SUITABLE TERRAIN:Short grass, dirt, gravel, roads and footpaths
SLIDES:Off road yes, not recommend on sealed surfaces
HILLS:45% + gradient.
BRAKING:EFOC2 regenerative braking, super smooth with adjustable brake and acceleration curves using the Explore APP
AESTHETICS:Sophisticated traditional-styled bamboo deck, modernised by the use of feet-locking dropdowns and a 'W' concave.
LIGHTS:Front and rear LED lights. User-customisable control via remote and Evolve app.


Your new Diablo Bamboo All Terrain
Fast charger (5A)
Phaze Remote, leash and USB-C charging cable
Y tool
Spare screws set


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1. Whats the difference between the Hadean and Diablo series? 

 The Diablo Series is Evolves latest technology release and supersedes the Hadean series. Comparing to the Hadean boards, the diablo series uses larger more powerful motors, a new EFOC 2.0 ESC, it has a higher top speed rating, has 20% more ride times due to the larger capacity battery, stronger acceleration and braking performance and new Forged CNC SuperCarve 2 truck design. The Diablo also comes with an upgrade Software package.

2. Can I upgrade my Hadean board to perform like the Diablo? 

It's possible to turn the Hadean into a Diablo, however to do this it will require a new Samsung 50S battery, 2 new 6374 motors and a new EFOC 2.0 ESC . Swapping these parts will be an expensive upgrade, its far better off purchasing the complete Diablo board which includes a new deck and the SuperCarve 2.0 trucks.

3. Can the Renegade be upgraded to the Renegade Diablo? 

 Yes this is possible. To do this you will need 2 new 6374 motors, a new EFOC 2.0 ESC, new remote firmware and new BMS firmware. Please contact Evolve customer service for enquiries.

4. Can I install the new SuperCarve 2 trucks on my Evolve board? 

 Yes you can. However you will also need the new AT or Street drive gears that fit the new truck axle. To purchase the new SuperCarve 2 trucks please see the link or contact Evolve customer service for enquiries.

5. Why does my remote vibrate when accelerating hard or riding up a hill? 

 If your remote vibrates under these riding conditions its possible you have activated ‘Over Current mode’. The Diablo board allows for a large amount of current to be used for a period of 7-8 seconds only. After 7-8 seconds the remote will drop to Sport mode until you release the acceleration trigger in which the remote automatically returns to Corsa mode.

6. Can I install the Diablo 6374 motors on my Hadean? 

 The motors can fit the Hadean motor plates, however they will not work properly with the Hadean motor controller, BMS and remote due to firmware incompatibility.

7. Why is my remote displaying ‘Heat’ and vibrating? 

 If your remote displays Heat this means you have activated heat protection on your skateboard and the remote is telling you this. If the motor controller gets over 85 degrees or the battery gets above 70 degrees the motor controller will reduce power until the system recovers and cools down.













  • HUBS



Carbon Fibre

Fruit Tingle

Dark Blue


Off Road

All Terrain

Off Road

All Terrain

White Wall

97 mm

97 mm

97 mm
Light Blue

97 mm

97 mm

97 mm

107 mm

105 mm
Dad Bod

97 mm

97 mm
Ice Blue

107 mm
Ice Green

105 mm
Ice Orange

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