Service Policy


    Where the product is not covered by warranty at clause 12 or clause 13, you can elect to have the products repaired under our normal service provision detailed below.

    To make a service request you should:

    • contact us by email at;
    • provide original proof of purchase of the products which clearly shows the purchase date;
    • provide any documentation that we may reasonable require, including but not limited to a completed work authorisation form which we will provide to you on request;
    • deliver the complete product, including remote and charger set, to us for inspection ensuring that the product is properly packaged and sent by a method which insures against any risk of transport; and
    • pay the fee for service assessment (Service Assessment Fee) which will be communicated to you on receipt of the product from you and prior to any services being carried out. The Service Assessment Fee includes the cost of return delivery of the product to you.

    We will use reasonable endeavours to carry out the service assessment within 2-5 business days from the date on which we receive the product but this is an estimate only.

    If we believe that a product has been tampered with, altered, modified or has been subject to any unauthorised repairs we may refuse to provide the services and return the product to you following payment in line with clause 16.4(b).

    We will not commence any repairs without informing you of their cost and obtaining your prior authorisation. Where you do not want to proceed with repairs as recommended by us or fail to notify us that you wish for us to proceed with repairs within a period of 28 days of our recommendation, we will return the product to you following payment in line with clause 16.4(b).

    Where services have been completed or you elect for products to be returned to you pursuant to clause 15.5 and all amounts due from you have been paid, we will:

    • return the product to you in a prompt manner and packaged appropriately;
    • provide you will all documentation in relation to the work carried out, if any;
    • provide details of delivery tracking numbers, where relevant; and
    • arrange shipping insurance for products at your request and cost, such cost to be paid in advance of the product being returned.

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