For a stable and fast ride, this 100% carbon fiber deck is the ideal choice. Handmade with a sleek, high-tech design, it exudes a stealthy vibe.


• If you're looking for a solid and stable ride that can handle speed when you're hooking in then this is the deck for you.

• Handmade from 100% carbon fibre with a patent pending high tech look the carbon deck has a stealthy vibe.

• Great for heavier riders and those that like to go fast. Also good for carving.

• Our Hadean series uses forged carbon fibre as seen on supercars as it's stronger than regular carbon fibre due to it's higher fibre count and varied strand orientation.

• The Hadean deck is the world's first electric skateboard to integrate air vents into the deck which draw heat from the electronics and allow for maximum dissipation.

Up to 44km/h • 50km range

Stable at high speed
Long range
Performance meets value

Up to 38km/h • 30km range

Great beginner board
Great for tall/heavy riders
Performance meets value

Up to 42km/h • 40km Range

Great for tall/heavy riders
Extreme performance
Ride anywhere

Up to 31 mph • 31 miles range

The Ultimate Off-Road Board
New e-FOC Motor: Unbeatable Power
Binding Ready Carbon Deck

Up to 31 mph • 50 miles range

Great for Tall/Heavy Riders
Forged Carbon Fibre Deck
Unmatched Performance

Up to 31 mph • 31 miles range

Conquer Any Terrain
Forged Carbon Fibre Deck
Unmatched Performance



When Jeff Anning, the founder of Evolve, first dreamed of creating an electric skateboard that had the electronics built inside the deck, it had never been produced. Once his concept was brought to life, it created a new type of electric longboard – the stealth and solid carbon fibre skateboard!

Generally, carbon fibre can be found in high-performance products like propellor blades and wind turbines because of its high tensile strength and lightweight properties. Carbon fibre electric skateboards are the go-to board for taller riders who love speed and want stability and tech enthusiasts who just like the look of sleek and stylish carbon electric boards.

Each deck is handmade and moulded to create the perfect fit for the electrical components. We could never have thought how much Jeff’s concept for a carbon fibre electric skateboard would revolutionise the whole industry. In 2021, the Hadean Series was the Gold winner of the Good Design Award because of its innovative concept. Evolve is still at the forefront of innovation and continuing to bring out new concepts that push the boundaries of e-skate.

Is carbon fibre good for skateboard?

Yes, because carbon decks are stiff. This can be beneficial as it offers stability if you are travelling off-road or at high speeds, but it can be trickier to manoeuvre. The longer-standing platform and dropdown sections allow you to lock your feet in for extra grip.

What is the best material for a skate deck?

We know carbon fibre is super strong, it's stiff, and you can shape it. And doing that into a skateboard, well, that's what we need if we did a cavity of some sort and had electrics inside that carbon fibre will give us the strength that we need. And sure enough, we made our first one - explained Jeff Anning, the founder of Evolve Skateboards.

How does the carbon fibre differ in the Hadean and the Carbon GTR?

The Hadean uses handmade forged carbon, whereas the Carbon GTR uses the layering technique.

Forged carbon takes chards of carbon fibre, mixes it with resin and compresses the material into a mould. The benefits are a very light and strong deck. The complex forged technique makes the deck stronger in multiple directions as the weave interlocks more securely.

You can see forged carbon in some of the best cars in the world!

The Riders Have Spoken

Fantastic board!

After owning a GTX Bamboo for 2 years I grabbed myself a Carbon GTR! Fantastic board, highly stable and great evolve quality. Proud to be Australian!

- Reece L
Carbon GTR All Terrain

It's Awesome!

I really enjoy the feel and ride of the board and love the carbon look it's awesome

- Domonic P
Carbon GTR 2in1

Easy to learn!

The GTR carbon is a very good looking, stable, and easy to learn how to ride for beginner like me

- Luqman Muhamad N.
Carbon GTR All Terrain



Old school craftsmanship with a traditional longboard feel.

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