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Introducing Evolve's latest innovation in electric skateboards, the Hadean Series. For those who want MORE. With integrated lights and a purposeful yet sleek design that blurs the boundary between skateboard and personal vehicle.


• Our fastest and most powerful board ever. It climbed the world's steepest street with ease, even with all terrain wheels!

• Customisable smart lighting - includes responsive brake lights and low battery warning features.

• Forged carbon fibre as used with supercars - even stronger than regular carbon fibre due to its higher fibre content and varied strand orientation.

• Patent pending innovative deck allowing for more performance while maintaining a low profile look, complete with cooling air vents.

Jusqu'à 42 km/h • Portée de 40 km

Idéal pour les cyclistes de grande taille et lourds
Performances extrêmes
Roulez-vous n'importe où

Jusqu'à 42 km/h • Portée de 40 km

Idéal pour les cyclistes de grande taille et lourds
Performances extrêmes
Roulez-vous n'importe où



The Evolve Hadean electric skateboard is our most powerful board to date. It’s also our fastest electric skateboard, built not only for the experienced rider but anyone who wants the best in the market.

After more than a decade of research and development at Evolve Skateboards, Hadean is our flagship series that combines everything we’ve learned with the trademark focus on encapsulating performance and innovation in one board that has become synonymous with Evolve.

Evolve Hadean already has a reputation as being a high-performance beast, perfect for Aussies electric skateboarding enthusiasts who demand the ultimate ride, but they also sport our smoothest power delivery ever, making it possible even for novices to safely harness control while they pick up the basics - it's a board that you can grow into.

We picked the name Hadean because it refers to the first geological epoch, the era when the Earth was first formed. This board represents over a decade of progress when it comes to making electric skateboards. 

The Hadean series uses a patent-pending layered electric system that allows us to seamlessly combine increased performance and sleek design. That means 37% extra battery capacity when compared to the GTR boards. Couple those improvements with the stunning design that Evolve have become known for.

Hadean Bamboo and Hadean Carbon

The Hadean comes in two different materials. The bamboo options were developed in collaboration with the best skate deck manufacturers in the world. The result? A deck made of layered bamboo and fibreglass. This gives it the perfect amount of flex - not too much, not too little. The battery enclosure of the Hadean Bamboo is segmented to prevent damage to the electrics while allowing the maximum amount of flex. 

The Hadean Carbon is a world first. A skateboard deck, or a chassis? You decide. We were inspired by the world’s fastest supercars to use carbon fibre, forged to create a lightweight, strong, body. It looks great, and it goes quick. Very quick.

This board is full of world firsts. The Hadean uses a vent to dissipate heat away from the internal electronics, decreasing wear and increasing efficiency. We managed this by using CNC’d, forged aluminium. The dual finned channels we’ve produced are precision engineered to maximise heat transfer.

Evolve’s E-FOC motor controller has been designed and developed in Australia. It’s built to revolutionise the way riders utilise the enormous power of the Hadean. With two 3000w motors and a 12S battery structure, this beast requires some seriously finessed electronics to stay under control. Thankfully, we’ve got them.

Smart lighting activates every time you apply the brakes, alerting nearby drivers, riders, and pedestrians of your intentions. Rider safety is paramount - that’s why the Hadean’s shoulders have lock-in drop downs and a wider foot landing. No matter your shoe size, your stance will stay secure when you’re taking off and carving tightly. 

The Super Carve trucks that come standard with every Evolve board mean that they are built to carve like something out of a fantasy or video game. With their double kingpin truck, they stay stable whether you’re fanging it or pulling off a tight turn. Customise your board with our range of bushings, so no matter your preference, you can tune them whichever way suits you best. 

The Riders Have Spoken

Performance Monster!

This thing is a wild animal. A performance monster!

- Sam Sheffer

Corsa mode is insane!

Holy heck that gets your heart going. Corsa mode is insane.

- David M

It's insane!!

Its insane, I feel like I'm going to have to learn to ride all over again

- Zak G



Unrivalled build quality & performance.



The pocket rocket, Our lightest board.

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